"I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it."
- Thomas Jefferson

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Tutors in Math and Science

Considerations for Finding the Right Math Tutor

  1. Call each tutor being considered and ask for a couple of references before hiring someone. Anybody can declare themselves a math tutor; there is no certification process; so, please select carefully.
  2. Make sure the tutor and the student "click." If they don't, the student will have trouble learning from the tutor.
  3. Ask about availability - make sure the tutor will be available whenever the student needs help. Are there bad weeks (e.g., college exams, etc.) that the tutor will not be available?
  4. Don't be afraid to fire someone who is not working out. It's all about the student, not the tutor's feelings. The student should feel like he/she is learning and making progress, and his/her grades should improve; if not, find another tutor.
  5. Check where the tutor lives so you can get someone near where you live.
  6. Ask about cost before the tutor shows up. Some tutors charge by the hour, and some charge by the session. Cost surprises are nasty and can be avoided by discussing this up front.
  7. Ask if you can get a free first session to see how things go.
  8. The most important rule is SAFETY FIRST! A parent should always be present for tutoring of High School or Middle School students.

To locate tutors in math and science in your area, please contact your local high school or college. Ask to speak to someone from the Math Department.

Reno, Nevada

High Schools

Bishop Manogue Catholic High School
(775) 336-6000
Damonte Ranch High School
(775) 851-5656
Galena High School
Incline High School
(775) 832-4260
Hug High School
(775) 333-5300
Innovations High School
(775) 333-5150
McQueen High School
(775) 746-5880
North Valleys High School
(775) 677-5499
(Edward C.) Reed High School
(775) 325-8313
Reno High School
(775) 333-5058
Sparks High School
(775) 353-5550
University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-1110
Wooster High School
(775) 333-5100


Colleges and Universities

Sierra Nevada College
(775) 831-1314
Truckee Meadows Community College
(775) 673-7000
University of Nevada, Reno
(775) 784-1110
Western Nevada College
(775) 445-3000