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Android Apps


The Android Apps represent our attempt to bring some of the items available in the PC Apps to Android cell phones. They are designed to help students learn by "playing" with the math they are learning. For example, what happens to the graph of a quadratic equation if you change the value of "b?" Our hope is that the apps will enhance the student's learning experience.

The Android Apps available on this page were written in the Kotlin programming language, using Android Studio. They require at least Android 7 (Nougat) to run on a phone. They do not run on iPhones.

These apps are not available in the Google Store. As they are enhanced, updated versions will be made available on this site.

These apps can be run on a PC. To run an Android app on a PC:

    1. Download the desired Android app from this page (see below). This will download the .apk file for the Android app to your PC.
    2. Download and run Bluestacks 5 for Nougat 64-bit. This is an Android Emulator that will allow you to run Android apps on your Windows PC. Note: to run the Bluestacks 5 installation file, you may need to right click on it and select "Run as Administrator."
    3. Open the Bluestacks 5 program and click on the APK icon from the list of icons on the right (the icon should be about halfway down the list shown on the right of the display). Alternatively, "control + shift + B" is the shortcut to install an .apk file in Bluestacks 5. Either way, Windows Explorer should open.
    4. Use Windows Explorer to locate the downloaded .apk file on your PC, and click on it.
    5. The Android app should then appear in the list of apps available to you in Bluestacks 5.
    6. To run the app in Bluestacks 5, right click on the Bluestacks 5 icon and select "Run as Administrator."

Because the Android apps are in development, please use them with care. We have made significant efforts to make sure the results are accurate, but you should always challenge the results to see if they are consistent with what you know. If you get a result that you believe is incorrect, please ask your teacher or email Earl at .

The following Android Apps are currently available on this site. We will add to the list as others are developed.

Number Explorer App

This is the successor to the FactorIt App. It has the following capabilities:

To download the app, click here: Download the Number Explorer App version 1.1.

Quadratic Function App

Enter a quadratic function definition in Standard (also called General), Vertex or Intercept form. The app will provide the equivalent equations for all three forms, along with the vertex, axis of symmetry, concavity, x- and y-intercepts, maximum or minimum, transformations and end behvaior of the function. Determining exact zeros, either real or complex, is achieved with the press of a button, as is completing the square. Additionally, you can plot the function and show its vertex and axis of symmetry on the graph. An explanation is also provided for the parameters involved in each equation form.

Parameters may be input as integers or decimals. The user can define the number of decimals to show in the solutions provided.

To download the app, click here: Download the Quadratic Function App version 2.3.

Download and Installation Instructions


When you click on one of the download links above, Android will attempt to install the app's associated APK file.


In order to install an app on your phone:

    1. From your phone, click on the download link above.
    2. On your phone, click "Install".
    3. If prompted to do so, you may need to change settings on your phone to allow this download.

If the above process fails, download the file onto your phone and click on the appropriate APK file to install the app.

This process should install the app on your phone just like installing from the Google Store. It should appear in your list of available apps and be ready to open. You can treat it just like any other app on your phone, including uninstalling it if you do not find it to your liking.

Suggestions for Improvement

We welcome any suggestions you may have regarding the improvement of the Android Apps. Let us know any areas that are hard to understand, any errors you find, any subjects you would like to see added, or any other ideas for improvement. Also, if you find the apps useful, it would be nice to know that also. Email with your thoughts and comments. Have fun with your math and enjoy using the apps. Best wishes!