"The invention of logarithms, by shortening the labors, doubles the life of the astronomer."
– Pierre-Simon Laplace (French Mathematician)

Algebra 2


This page contains resources that may be of interest to students studying Algebra 2 (second year Algebra). The number of resources on this page will grow as additional items are developed. If you have any questions or special requests, please contact Earl at .


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Sample Tests and Solutions

The value of reviewing these sample problems and solutions is twofold. The more obvious benefit relates to problems that a student has difficulty solving themselves; a solution is provided. Less obvious is the set of techniques used in our solutions; some of the techniques used on the sample problems may not be taught in the classroom. We concentrate on efficient solutions and shortcuts; so a review of the solved problems may present new techniques that enable a student to be more efficient in their approach to solving problems.

Note that Sample Tests are provided for multiple years. The units tend to overlap somewhat, so be careful that you are looking at the tests for the subjects you want.